W.I.N.E. Team

W.I.N.E. Holistic Healers

Tanya Woodson-Monestel

Tanya Woodson-Monestel is President & Founder of W.I.N.E.  Tanya will serve as your personal guide along your Walk In New Enlightenment experience.  Originally from Washington, D.C., Tanya currently resides in Costa Rica.  A U.S. National-Certified Counselor and spiritual guide, Tanya received her Master’s in Pastoral Counseling from Loyola University (Maryland).  She also has also studied under Dr. Doreen Virtue, psychologist and founder of Angel Therapy, who has been featured in many television broadcast shows, such as Oprah Winfrey.  Tanya is a firm believer in non-traditional approaches to healing: emotionally, psychically, and spiritually; in seeking to find answers and clarity about yourself, your life-purpose and the relationships you have with others.  Tanya will help you to create the life you desire, so that you can find the pathway to a more fulfilling and abundant life.

Tricialand Hilliard is a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor, National Board Certified Counselor, and Board member of Pearls Noir and of W.I.N.E – Walk in New Enlightenment, a wellness retreat in Costa Rica, and co/founder of Ménage à trois Wellness Retreats.  She holds a Masters in Counseling Psychology and is currently pursuing her Doctorate in the field of Counseling Education and Supervision.  She specializes in minority women’s wellness concerns with work and life balance of the medical and mental health. She has a passion for assisting African American women with wellness and alternative self-care practices, and conducts monthly support groups for African American women ages 18 and up.

Adriana “Ambika” Leira


Adriana, a native of Costa Rica, is a Certified Yoga teacher, Bodyworker & Energy worker specialist. She has been working in the path of health and healing for over 10 years. 
Adriana is a master at different healing techniques which all guide to the same goal: Harmony and Balance for the body and soul. 
She is certified in Thai Massage by the International Sunshine Network, is also a Reiki Master and has a postgraduate Degree in Physiotherapy. She has also studied a variety of yoga techniques from India which she studied under the great Dr. Urja Rowendale Tutelage.

Naima Montejo


A certified Paddle and Surf Instructor, Naima Montejo is a native of Costa Rica.  She has lived in Puerto Viejo for the past 15 years.   Naima utilizes ocean therapeutics, which includes, kayaking, surfing, and stand-up paddle board, as methods to help remove stress and bring relief from emotional pain.   She firmly believes that ocean therapeutics enable participants to gain inner strength and balance and helps to restore trust and confidence, core components necessary to experience a full and meaningful life.