W.I.N.E.’s Mission: 

W.I.N.E. provides spiritual counseling to those seeking guidance and clarity about relationships.

W.I.N.E.’s Services:

1)  W.I.N.E.  “Talk”  – angel reading – A 60min private session offered to individuals or couples to provide guidance about relationships, helping you to discover your life-purpose, and manifest your deepest desires:  Sessions are directed to help:

–  Empower you to discover your self-worth, inner-calling, and spiritual gifts

– Choose the best path to take when feeling at a crossroad in your relationship

– Reignite the passion in your significant relationship

– Gain clarity about a present or past relationship

– Give you the tools to develop a meaningful and fulfilling relationship

W.I.N.E. utilizes ancient and New-Age mindfulness practices, Numerology & Angel Readings – to help you discover more about who you are, your real purpose, and to experience the peace of knowing the right path to take in order to have and maintain a fulfilling Relationship.

W.I.N.E. also offers Distance Skype W.I.N.E. Talk   globally, and for individuals who keep non-traditional schedules.

2)   Unwind & Rejuvenate Costa Rica” Retreats  – is designed to give an intimate travel experience in Costa Rica, where you can travel alone, as a couple, or with friends taking “time-out” from your everyday routine, to relax, unwind, and recharge through mindfulness practices, that include: guided-meditations, yoga, W.I.N.E. Talk (angel-card reading) sessions, energy-healing massages, breath-taking tours, soul-awakening excursions – surfing & horseback riding, and relaxing on beautiful Caribbean beaches.  

3)  After Break-up W.I.N.E. Costa Rica Retreat – A life-changing retreat, exclusively designed for women, to offer “time-away” when going through a separation, or after a relationship has ended.

A 6-Day powerful experience on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, to relax and unwind, while you indulge yourself in yoga, guided-meditations, and personal W.I.N.E. Talk – angel-readings that will help to replenish your spirit, connect you to your authentic purpose, and show you how to create the life you desire!